Custom Burger Packaging Styles to Pack Your Burgers

Burgers are one of the first choices for every individual. Due to this, brands offer them in countless flavors and sizes to serve their customers. But every brand is conscious of how they represent their burgers to customers. On this subject, they need branding plans, marketing strategies, and packaging designers' advice to make classical packaging solutions. So, custom burger boxes are best to fulfill your needs due to are fabricated in countless styles and designs. Styles play a major contribution in making your burgers attractive and distinctive. So, let's see some styles that are best to pack your yummy burgers. 

Burger Holster Boxes

Burger holster is one of the best and most innovative packaging that have an open-top. These holsters do not have proper boxes; it sealed from the bottom side and covered half of the burger for easy consumption of buyers. Such holster burger packaging boxes are available in multiple colors, but it looks fetching in white color with the brand logo. Add to this; such boxes are best for roadside burger stalls and kiosks that serve countless customers without any problem. 

Burger Boxes with Interlocking Flaps 

Burger boxes with interlocking flaps are the most secure packaging style brands use to cover your item. Such boxes attach from one side and have two curve holes on the lid in which the bottom part flaps are a lock. Such printed burger packaging has brand info about your product and brand. Also, the use of bold and catchy colors makes them more engaging. 

Gable Burger Boxes 

Gable-shaped custom burger boxes are the unique shapes that make with heavy-duty paper. However, such boxes are best for packing large-sized burgers with some weight; they are still available in mini, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes as per the need for burgers. Also, the handle on the top of the box makes due to intelligently folding in a gable shape. So, you can order such wholesale burger boxes at affordable prices from any trustworthy packaging suppliers. 

Triangle Burger Boxes with Handle 

Triangle burger boxes with handles are best to pack burger deals. These boxes have partitions and securely hold the weight of your burger, fries, ketchup, and sandwiches. You can make such burger packaging with cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and bux board material that fits your budget. 

Kraft Burger Bags 

Kraft material is biodegradable, decomposable, lightweight, and tear-resistant, so you can use it to make burger boxes and bags. However, you can make stylish boxes with Kraft material, but their bags are still catchy and handy to facilitate customers. You can get burger packaging bags in any custom size according to your demand. 

Wrapping UP Thoughts 

So, the gist of the write-up mentioned above is to explain the famous and unique styles of custom burger boxes to pack your delicious burgers. Thus, burger boxes with interlocking flaps, gable boxes, triangular burger boxes with handles, and Kraft burger bags are best to pack for your target audiences. Furthermore, you need to choose quality cardstock, illustrations, colors, and imperative content to place on your burger packaging. In short, you can give any catchy look to your burger packaging as per your interest.