Pick Custom Cone Sleeves: What You Need to Consider?

If you plan to run your ice cream parlor and brand, you need to pay attention to the modes you choose to present your ice cream cones to buyers. Ice cream cone sleeves are the best solution to securely present your waffle cones with a topped scoop that waits for consumers' bite. Some ice cream parlors use magazine paper cheap cone sleeves, but these are not worthy in the long term. Thus, custom cone sleeves are the best choice to wrap your waffle cones pleasingly. Now it's time to see what you need to consider when choosing cone sleeves. 

Make with Quality Paper 

When you choose a cone sleeve for your brand, you need the quality of paper which they used to make your cone sleeves. Cone sleeves need to be made with durable and heavy-duty paper with polythene linings that create resistance to absorb moisture to protect from messiness. So, you can use cardboard, Kraft, bux board, and aluminum films to make custom ice cream cone sleeves. The use of all mentioned materials is safe for your cone sleeves because they are recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable for our environment. 

Having All Mandatory Information 

The next imperative thing mentioned on your waffle cone jackets is to have all mandatory information regarding brand and product. In this regard, you need to place the listed information on the cone sleeve to provide awareness among customers.

  • Brand name
  • Logo 
  • Flavor name
  • MFG date 
  • Expiry date 
  • Taglines 

Also, you need to use a unique and customized font style to prevent any unnecessary copyrighted issues or claims.  

Creative Design to Make Them Engaging 

The design of your printed cone sleeves must be alluring and catchy to grasp the customer's attention. You can choose any kind of information that you want to place on your cone sleeves that deliver your brand message to your end-users. Along with durability, visuals also need attention, so you can play with intricate lines, polka dots, abstract designs, narrative designs, geometrical shapes, and symmetrical designs. Also, you can print key flavor on your cone sleeve to provide information on what you sell to your end-users. 

Use of Edible Adhesives That Are Not Harmful 

Brands use chemical glue to stick the sides of cone sleeves. But it's time to take a step out of the box and pick the solution that is adorable to pack your waffle cones. Now brands use an edible adhesive that makes from corn syrup to create your cone sleeves to hold your items. So, use edible glue and adhesive for your ice cream cone sleeves which are not harmful to human health. 

Order Wholesale Cone Sleeves 

Always go for wholesale ice cream cone wrappers to serve a large number of customers at market-leading prices. Also, must check your cone sleeve template before the order for a bulk quantity of customized cone sleeves. Thus, when you check template and mockups, its help to remove your errors and ensure smooth printing of your ice cream cones sleeves. 

Encapsulation of Content

So, the conclusion of this write-up is to describe the things that every ice cream supplier needs to consider to make custom cone sleeves. Therefore, you need to use creative designs for your cone sleeves; you make them distinctive. And, you need to use your edible adhesive in waffle cones sleeves to stick that are not harmful to your end-users. Append to this; you need to go for wholesale cone sleeves to serve your large number of customers.