Various structural dimensions available for the custom white boxes

White packaging and its need

With each passing day, the competition in the retail industry escalates and makes the sellers more intelligent and wise. The upcoming trends also enhance the visual values of the products just in order to entice more and more audiences toward buying. Design, style, size, colors, and each inch of packaging are now customizable, and due to this reason, all and one are applying their desired artwork on the face of their packaging. 

However, the colors and designs play a vital role in creating the auspicious appearance of the product, but sometimes the product needs simplicity and sophistication to attract the customers. For this reason, amazing packaging solutions are available that are termed custom white boxes. These boxes provide clarity and directness to the product due to their white color. Using white color boxes does not mean you are not in need of customization. Still, there are a lot of things that you need to do in terms of your white box packaging design. 

Few amazing styles of custom white boxes

Above-discussion elaborates on the importance of the white boxes; now, you need to know what options are available for you if you want to customize your white box packaging.  

Gable box design for the white packaging

A unique shape created with the intention of ease of carrying is a gable box. These boxes have the handles on the top along with both sides locked. Safe and sound packaging solutions that are widely used for the purposes of gifts. White gable boxes are available to provide a sophisticated look to the products and gifts. However, to make these boxes more personalized, you can print the following details on them. 

  • Greetings and wishes
  • Birthday notes
  • Wedding wishes

And many more written messages you can print on the white gable boxes. These messages provide the event-specific look to the boxes and make them more favorite of the customer. The customers who need boxes for any specific event prefer to buy such boxes. 

Custom white boxes with magnetic lid

The unboxing experience is something that makes the brand worthier for the customers. And this style would help the sellers to draft a positive impression on the customers while they open the box. Staying minimalist and with a simple white texture, this style adds value to the packaging just because of its magnetic lid option. However, if you want to buy a bulk quantity of these boxes, then the packaging maker allows quantity discounts on the custom white boxes wholesale

2-piece white boxes with logos

The main purpose of using the custom-printed white boxes by the brands is to deliver a sense of quality and value. And the two-piece construction makes the boxes more robust. Shoes, apparel, jewelry, and even gifts are easily packed inside the two-piece boxes. In addition to the box style, the printed messages and brand stuff also play a vital role in creating a positive brand image. So, the marketers advise printing the brand-related information like:

  • The name of the brand to which the product relates.
  • Logo, symbol, slogans, and other one-liners
  • Taglines and brand messages.

All this information creates a specific image of the product in the market. However, you can put any data that you want to see on the white boxes with these printing options. 

Custom auto-bottom white boxes along with metallic typography

Typing text is an amazing tactic to grab the attention of the audience. And if the text is colored metallic, its shiny look is out of the ordinary and appealing. So, if you want to decorate your white boxes with the minimalist approach, then you should add the typography in metallic shades. However, the auto-bottom dimension provides ease of assembling to the clients. Custom white boxes also come in auto-bottom dimensions. 

The crux of the discussion

It is quite clear that the white boxes if designed and styled well would make your products out of the crowd. And these boxes are also affordable for the customers and provide visual value to the inside products.