Want To Make Appropriate And Custom White Boxes? Must-Try 7 Tips

The right and awesome packaging of product matter a lot if you want to make your reputable place in the industry. People love the decent and sophisticated look of product packaging. In this regard, the brand uses colorful packaging but it is expensive. On the other hand, the use of white packaging is a minimalistic approach that is affordable for every product manufacturer. Although you choose white boxes for your customers, you customize each aspect as per your choice. So, this article provides information to make perfect custom white boxes to boost your brand sales. 

Choose Quality Material for White Boxes 

Premium-quality material for your white boxes is best to pack your items. Thus, you need to use cardboard, Kraft, rigid, and corrugated material in multiple customized GSM and thickness range for your target customers. Add to this; you have the option to use 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 20pt, 22pt, and 24pt as per your product quantity. When you choose quality cardstock for custom white boxes, you can uplift the worth of your product. Plus, your packaging boxes must be durable, functional, and FSC-approved to gain your target customers' trust. 

Pick Any Custom Style for White Packaging

Now it's time to pick functional packaging styles to make your white cardboard boxes enchanting to grab your customer’s attention. On this subject, you need can use mailer boxes, roll tuck front, auto-lock bottom, snap-lock bottom, 1-2-3 auto bottom, top flower closure, bottom closure, sleeve boxes, and flip-top boxes. All mentioned styles are awesome and functional to hole your fragile items nicely. Moreover, use white cardboard boxes style in countless options to pack a variety of items either are edible, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or many more options. 

Offer Multiple Shapes to Craft your White Boxes 

However, styles give unique look to your commodities but you need to use creative shapes to make your white boxes with logos for your brand growth. In this regard, packaging brands come with multiple options to make them catchy and enticing white packaging boxes to pack your cosmetics and other retail items. Therefore, packaging suppliers offer the enlisting of unique and appealing shapes for white boxes. 

  • Pyramid-shaped 
  • Triangle shaped 
  • Gable shaped 
  • Octagon 
  • Hexagonal
  • Cuboid 
  • Cylindrical shape 

Print Brand Name, Logo, and Other Information 

Make your white boxes titillating and informative for your target customers by printing all mandatory information on the boxes. Therefore, you need to place your brand name, logo, and detail on your white packaging boxes to explain your brand specification to your target customers. 

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However, you can use an additional option to annex your text on your white packaging. Thus, you can use foil stamping to increase the visibility of your logo on your white boxes. Your logo may be text-based, letter-based, mascot, emblem, and combination mark but it must be customized and quirky. And, choose unique characters, symbols, and font styles to create a customized logo for your white boxes. If you can use the custom-made logo with copyrighted things, to protect all legal claims and issues. 

Option to Make with Kraft and Bux Board for Nature-friendly Solutions 

However, a newbie brand cannot afford the cost of printing many colors. But choose quality and eco-friendly packaging material to create white gift boxes instead of cheap packaging boxes. Both mentioned materials are best for outclass and sustainable product packaging. Kraft and bux board both are biodegradable, affordable, and decomposable in the soil. Also, if you cannot afford the cost of fully Kraft material then, you can choose an equal ratio of Kraft and cardboard to make cost-effective white boxes to wrap your products. 

Use of Foil Stamping and Metallic Shades to Make your White Boxes 

Foil stamping of metallic colors gives a nice sheen to your white packaging boxes with marinating their decent view. Plus, packaging sup0pliers offer discounts for white packaging boxes wholesale at market-leading prices. So, your option is to use gold, silver, bronze, rose gold, turquoise, teal, burgundy, and gunmetal as per your choice. 

Window Insertion in White Boxes Uplift the Visibility of Product


Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand in the industry? Then you need to insert a PVC window on your white boxes to update the beauty of your product and its packaging. Also, every person can easily check the texture and real look of products from a window and buy them with satisfaction. Also, you use the single-sided and double-sided windows on your white boxes to make them awesome according to your budget. 

Wrapping up Discussed Tips

The aforementioned discussion is quite to explain tips that are helpful to make up-to-the-mark and alluring custom white boxes for your brand. On this subject, you need to print brand names and information on white boxes to provide awareness to your customers. Moreover, white boxes are available in multiple shapes, brand names, and logos that are perfect for your product packaging.